May 16

Real Estate In Costa Rica

Home Finders

Finding a home in Costa Rica when you are not even sure where you want to be is daunting. You see a photo of a home you like, the price is right, but what about the neighborhood, the streets, the crime level? Are shopping centers, restaurants and schools nearby? Is it near to a hospital? What’s the weather like? How about the weather, too much rain in the rainy season, windy in the dry season? The house looks great; freshly painted walls, natural wood work with new varnish, doors close nicely, kitchen and bathrooms have good water pressure, drains work, no sparks from the electrical outlets, but what about the structure, the roof? How can you be sure there no liens on the property? Who is selling, the owner or someone who claims to be the owner? Buy in your name or have a corporation you own buy? And the property taxes, how much are they, and will they go up when you buy?

Should I buy house or a condo? You want your own yard and pool; don’t like sharing with the other condo owners? A house is for you, but be prepared to find your own gardener and security. No, too much hassle, besides, you want the freedom to pick up and go when you feel like, or you’re not going to spend that much time in Costa Rica, and don’t want to worry about trusting the gardener or the guard while you are gone, then a loft is for you.

Not ready to buy yet? Want to look around more? Then renting is the sensible step. How do I know where, and how much to pay? What are the deposits? Can you get out of a long term lease?

All those questions -and you’re not sure you asked them all- needs answers, and how are you going to get them when you are a newcomer, and don’t speak the language? That’s why you turn to Costa Rica Home Finders – we answer your questions, and help you find the home you are looking for. Contact us- there’s no obligation, you’ll be glad you did, like so many satisfied people before you. Over 25 years of experience with real estate solutions helping people like you satisfy their home finding needs in Costa Rica.