Aug 14

600-620 East Mall Condo

600 – 620 East Mall Condos

This application proposes three 24 storey apartment buildings with interconnected podiums compromising 1,120 condominium units plus the retention of the existing pharmacy and a proposed 470 square metre retail building at 600 and 620 The East Mall. This report provides preliminary information on the above-noted application and seeks Community Council’s directions on further processing of the application and on the community consultation process. City Planning proposes to host a Community Consultation meeting by the end of 2011 to allow the applicant to present the project and to receive comment from the public. Provided the applicant provides all required information in a timely manner, staff estimate that a Final Report on the application can be completed by mid-2012.

Proposal On the northern half of the property the proposed development consists of three interconnected residential towers each with a 24 storey (73.5 metres including mechanical penthouse) height with a density of 3.6 FSI. The three towers are connected by a continuous podium that encloses an internal vehicular access and drop-off area and visitor parking area. The podium height varies from 9 storeys (27 metres) for those portions of the building fronting The East Mall, to 3 storeys (10 metres) along the south side and 10 storeys (30 metres) in the northwest portion of the site. The three towers have a proposed floor plate no greater than 750 square metres. The outdoor amenity area for the proposed residential portion of the development is proposed as 3 separate components. An at-grade garden would be located at the north- east corner of the site adjacent to the proposed driveway and a landscaped deck with swimming pool is proposed on the 2nd floor rooftop. Additional outdoor landscaping
space is proposed along the west portion of the site within the Ministry of Transportation setback allowance. Parking is proposed in 4 levels of underground parking with additional visitor parking within he ground floor of the proposed building for an overall total of 1,331 parking spaces.