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Toronto is a growing city located on beautiful Lake Ontario where you can spend your time taking in the sun, swimming, playing volleyball, having a BBQ with some beers.

This little guide of Toronto will give you all the information about the activities
in the GTA

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We can offer to you condos in the newest neighborhood. Luxury condos featuring courtyard fountains and pools surrounded by tropical gardens. Condos located in the financial district, fashion district, distillery district, which are all walking distance to fabulous restaurants and pedestrian promenade hosting galleries, entertainment and handicraft shops to upscale international boutiques.

We have a great selection of condos, just select the condo that you are looking for and let us do the rest. We would like to suggest 50 Wellesley Condo, a brand new pre construction development that has a huge buzz about it. Located in one of Toronto’s best neighborhoods. This project will definitely be a great investment opportunity or a great place to live.

Mar 15

FALSE: Saving Money = Good Investment

How many rich people do you know who have become
wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.
But don’t get me wrong. Saving money is good. In fact,
it is important to the wealth building process. It’s not
the money saved that is important. It is the DISCIPLINE
required to save it. But you can’t except your savings to
carry you to wealth. And this is the fact that is so
widely misunderstood.

Even the seemingly exciting high interest rates paid by
the popular money market funds are not enough. Any dollar
that earns LESS the 10% per year is losing venture
assuming inflation & taxes. “But, you say, “savings
accounts and certificates of deposit are safe and the
money comes easy”. And I reply, “Does it make you feel
safe and secure to know that every day you are getting
poorer and poorer?” If you ignore the erosion effects of
taxes and inflation that is exactly what could be
happening to you!

There is nothing wrong with economizing. There is a place
for it in the scheme of wealth. However, if you want to
become wealthy you must learn how to save smart. The
money you save is only parked temporarily in liquid,
interest-bearing accounts waiting for a better place to
invest. This smart money is then shifted into long-range,
less liquid investments which generate wealth-producing
rates of return. RATES well in excess of 10% per year.
ANYTHING LESS is tantamount to treading water in the
swimming pool on the deck of the Titanic!

What kind of investments generate double digit rates of
return over the long haul? Real Estate Investment
Properties. If you combine the LEVERAGING EFFECTS of
aggressive financing available to investors today with the
beauty of having someone else pay for you to own your
investment (your tenants) the results are clear. Even
when propery values only increase at modest rates of 3% to
4% per year, if you purchase the investment property with
20%, 10% or even less down, the returns on YOUR invested
capital can be huge!

Using leverage to invest in stocks is called buying
on “margin”, and it is considered to be highly speculative
and therefore risky. Using leverage in real estate is
done by almost every person in the USA who owns a home.
The wealth statistics of home owners vs. non home owners
in this country are staggering. It is as close to an
automatic way to generate wealth as you are going to get.
For more information on wealth building strategies with
real estate,

Jan 23

Number of Single Women Buying Homes Growing

According to the National Association of Realtors, 22% of the buying force of home sales are women for the year 2006, which is up 14% from 1995.

Single men on the other hand account for just 9% for 2006, unchanged from the mid 90’s.  Home builders and real estate agents are paying attention to this trend by specializing in smaller, low maintenance houses that women prefer.

Good realtors are familiar with the neighborhoods that emphasize safety and houses with attached garages


Jan 22

Using Retirement Money to Buy Real Estate

You may be unaware that special provisions under the
tax laws allow you to withdraw funds from your retirement
accounts to buy real estate.

1. First-time homebuyers can tap their IRA without tax

You can withdraw up to $10,000 once in a lifetime from your
IRA without tax penalty to purchase a principal residence
for yourself or for a family member. A family member is
defined as

your spouse

your child

your grandchild or ancestor

your spouse’s child

your spouse’s grandchild or ancestor.

The homebuyer must be someone who has not owned a home in
the previous two years. If the homebuyer is married, the
spouse must not have owned a principal residence during
that period, either.

2. You can get a loan tax-free from your retirement funds
to buy real estate, even if it’s not a first-time home.

If you are you self-employed, or a small business owner you
get even more flexibility to tap into your retirement
money. Your business does not have to be elaborate.. for
example, you can operate a part-time business as a sole
proprietor, a 1099 income consultant, or as an independent

As long as you are the only employee in your business you
can establish a Self-Employed 401(k) plan. You can then
transfer funds from your IRA, qualified pension plan, like
a 401(k) or a 403(b) tax-sheltered plan, into your Self-
Employed 401(k) plan. Assuming your plan has a loan
feature, you may borrow up to $50,000 from your account
balance (or 50 percent, whichever is less). The loan will
stay tax-free and penalty-free, as long as the money is
paid back on time. You can use the loan for any purpose,
but if you use the money to buy a primary residence, the
loan can be extended from the regular 5 years payback
period to 10 years.

Jan 11

Real Estate and Tobacco

Could anti-smoking measures affect real estate sales in New Hanover County?  New Hanover County Board of Health members are looking to team up with Mecklanburg County to pass stricter anti-smoking measures that must pre-empt NC laws for public places (ie.your favorite bar or restaurant).  This will be attractive to non-smokers to are looking to move NC but the two pack a dayers might not feel the same

Dec 30

Condo Guide

Looking for a condo in Toronto? With so many developments in different neighbourhoods, are you being overwhelmed by the search itself.  Well visit Toronto Condo Guide and get a fresh look and see an overall layout of Toronto’s condo developments.  With a summary about each condo that is being built in the GTA, you can compare and get up to date news concerning specific condos that you are interested in.

Need a real estate agent, the Toronto Condo Guide will be able to assist you, and direct you to the proper real estate representative that is overseeing the condo that you fancy.

With the latest news concerning any new or pre construction condo that is available in Toronto,  you will find the condo of your dreams.  Just visit Toronto Condo Guide today!

Toronto Condo Guide

Toronto Condo Guide


Dec 30

Real Estate Closing on your new Home

“Closing” refers to the final meeting where ownership and conveyance of title to the property is legally transferred and accepted by the buyer. The closing is a formal meeting that is attended by all of the parties involved including the buyers and sellers in this process. Closing procedures are usually held at an attorney’s office or lawyer’s or a title company. Your title company officer coordinates and executes the document signing and collection along with the disbursement of funds. Real Estate Agents will be present at the closing to help explain the documents, answer any questions you may have, or help to resolve any last minute or unexpected details or issues that may arise.
To ensure the closing goes smoothly, both parties involved should bring the necessary documentation and be prepared to pay any transaction related fees. Usually there can be more than one form of acceptable payment for your closing costs and transaction related fees, so ask the closing officer from the title company which form of payment will be acceptable and to whom it should be made out. As a general rule of thumb expect your closing costs to total an amount equal to 2 to 3 percent of the total loan amount, not including the down payment.
Sellers sometimes agree to pay for some or all of the closing costs, depending on the terms of the purchase contract, and the seller’s equity and timing considerations. Any such concessions should be clearly made in writing in the contract. Generally lenders will allow some sort of credit from the seller to the buyer for non-recurring closing costs related to the closing of the transaction. However, they usually won’t allow the seller to issue a credit that reduces the amount of the buyer’s down payment or any of the buyer’s recurring closing costs, examples of this are expenses for home owners insurance policy, PMI, or property taxes.

Dec 25

11 Wellesley Condo

11 Wellesley Street Condo

There are new developments in a downtown plot of land that has long been the subject of speculation. The Ontario Government has sold the site of 11 Wellesley Street West to Lanterra Developments at a cost of $65 million. The area south of 11 Wellesley, between Yonge and Bay has been empty since the ’90s, when it was being considered the prime location for a ballet and opera house — a project which ultimately became The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts at Queen and University.

Empty plot of land recently purchased by Lanterra Developments

The empty land at 11 Wellesley Street Condo , recently purchased by Lanterra Developments, image by Craig White

UrbanToronto readers will know that Lanterra is also responsible for the recent purchase of the neighbouring Sutton Place Hotel, which will become The Britt Condos, as well as the Murano and Burano condominiums a block south on Bay. While any current plans for 11 Wellesley Condos West have yet to be finalized, the zoning amendment application filed by Lanterra would allow for a mixed-use development consisting of two residential towers at 45 and 54 storeys in height. There would be a 9-10 storey podium and a total gross floor area of 90,700 square metres. 1,304 dwelling units would be constructed above a one-storey street-related retail space and the development would incorporate and frame the proposed public park.

Image by Lanterra Developments of potential condo development at 11 Wellesley Condo
A Lanterra Developments image showing one possible development outcome, image courtesy of Lanterra

Last year, City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam was supported by City Council in trying to buy the land from the province at a reduced rate in order to build a public park, but the City was turned down by the province and was told to bid for the site, along with developers, an option that was simply too costly to pursue. Since the Lanterra purchase, Wong-Tam has been in talks with the developer to try to convince them to include a public green space with only one tower, as pictured above in a blue-sky concept rendering. Both Wong-Tam and Lanterra continue to be optimistic that a winning situation can come out of this for all parties.

We will report back as plans for the site progress. In the meantime you can get in on the discussion in our Forum thread for t

Dec 23

Real Estate Closing day Preparation

As the closing date approaches, Real estate agents will communicate with the escrow company and your lender to ensure that all the necessary documents are being prepared, they are completed, accurate and precise, and delivered in a timely and professional manner. Your agent will also need to make sure that all necessary documents will be delivered to the correct location so they can be reviewed and approved by both parties and that they will be ready for the agreed upon closing date.
At this point, your lender should communicate what form of payment you will need to bring to the closing for any owed and unpaid fees. Make sure that your payment is in good funds and made out to the appropriate closing company. Did we mention not to forget your legal Identification card such as a drivers license or state issued ID!
Ensuring that the necessary closing documents are ready, accurate, and available will enable you to have a quick, stress free closing.

Dec 16

Real Estate Hiring and Finding Vendors

After the contract has been mutually accepted, Real estate agents will supervise and coordinate of all necessary professionals and vendors while serving as your advocate when working and communicating with each vendor. Real estate agents will make sure that each vendor has access to the home at the agreed upon times to perform their duties of expertise and oversee the completion and execution of those procedures on your behalf.
For example, the property will need a detailed examination and inspection. Working with your chosen lender, you will have to execute a formal appraisal and possibly a survey completed for the property designated in the executed contract. A thorough home inspection, a foundation inspection, and an environmental inspection will also need to be completed to ensure that the home is up to the standards outlined in your written contract. If there are inspection related issues or inconsistencies found during this time, it could possibly delay or even nullify the contract depending on the contingencies and verbiage written in the agreement.
Homeowner insurance is also a very important item that will need to be taken care of, getting multiple quotes from various agencies is always recommended. Insurance professionals advise that you obtain home owners insurance equal to or exceeding the full replacement value of the property. If you do not find and obtain adequate home owners insurance, the closing will not proceed. Having the insurance policy completed in a timely and professional manner that meets all dates and guidelines per the agreement is a must

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